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Body Of Water

Once a tributary to the mainstream.
A prodigious moment of clarity.
Replenishes a psyche that was once thought to be lifeless.
With the glow of a granite rock.
I come to life as a waterfall that touches the human spirit.
By past the sinkhole of frustrations.
Nowadays nourish all that life has to offer.
Bringing eternal love to a collapsed chamber.
Seeping through every crevice and hollow point.
A further refinement of the evolution of a small channel.
Becoming a river stream that reached a peaceful calm.
Rising from the caverns of the underground.
To be unboxed in the world of vapors.
Some fear but most will embrace me.
As i pose ineffable lure that could attract all nationalities.
To extend a closeness that would ease tension.
For i am a body of water.
That will glisten, and forever be in motion.

Written by Javon Edwards


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