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Under Suspicion

Three months of the same thing.
With the unlikelihood of change.
Disparaging myself for not bringing this to the forefront.
A one time invulnerable relationship is now a mirage.
Generated by the sense of perception.
The unscrupulous manner you portray.
Brings to mind the foulest of insults.
Muted are screams of unhappiness.
Despite my reaction that takes after a paranoid schizophrenic.
Like a federal agent on an espionage.
Feverishly i ravaged through her things.
To find some kind of evidence.
For what i suspected all along.
A picture of an older gentleman.
Who i can't recall crossing paths with.
The invisible violator has a face.
Paused briefly to gain my composure.
As they looked happy.
Hand and hand all smiles.
The front door opens as she passes through.
Braced myself for an all out verbal war.
Brush aside the fact she spoke hello.
The man in the picture is inside our home.
Like a laser unit to a pistol.
My eyes were on him with pure accuracy.
With bottled anger inside my body.
That could be as explosive as gunpowder.
Once introduce as her father.
The appearance of outrage was immediately changed to stupidity.
As both of them presented me the motorcycle of my dreams.
Appreciating the uniqueness of the gift.
But i harbor bittersweet feelings about her.
Lost between idea and reality.
I retrieve to my hollow shell.
To escape the guilt that was dealt by me.

Written by Javon Edwards


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