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Understanding or the lack thereof, has
driven me insane.
I've over-analyzed and underestimated my
sorrows, my hurts and my pains

He loves me,
He loves me not - a stupid game of chance.
Life has gotten so mundane, I'm bound by
my own trance.

Everything I thought was right,
turned out to be wrong
I subconsciously sought a short pier,
for a walk that was preferably long.
I'm tired of wearing a mask of smiles:

A hostess, a leader, a friend.
But when I'm alone,
in the deep dark night,
the voices and questions...they end.

They end, they stop.
I hear him call my name.
He begins, He starts.
Now pure and white my stain.

Understanding or the lack thereof, has
driven me to him.
I've over-analyzed and underestimated
His light that pierces within.

He loves me...not love me nots -
this time there is no chance.
Life which was so mundane,
has changed in just one glance.

He loved me
He taught me
He healed me with His love.
Not because of understanding...
but because of the lack thereof.

Written by The Jazzipoetress


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