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Suit and Tie

I found him. Tall, humorous, intelligent
His sway, his swagger, his accent
A warrior disguised in a suit and tie
Focused on his career and very affluent
We hit it off, seemingly inseparable
Discussing our dreams, goals, and making plans
Kissing, cuddling, and holding hands
Everything was fine, ok, and good
Till one day, he up and disappeared
The man I thought I knew
It turns out, he isn't different from very few
You see, he lured me into believing his charm
My mind gone, heart open, and ready to put the platinum ring on
You see, he was not a warrior, but a fraud
Dreams covered in lies, goals nothing but lines in the sand
No making plans, kissing, cuddling, and holding hands
Where he went, I don't know
I dream about him often, just wondering why
I still miss my warrior disguised in the suit and tie.

Written by Brooke Jeter


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