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Tall in stature, intelligent in the mind
The color of mocha with a touch of caramel and a splash of spice
Time has passed, curiosity stirring
Socially aware, consciously responsible, such a priceless find

My mind wonders…drifts off…body tingles in unknown places
Romance, passion, kissing and cuddling
Bodies erupting, sweat glistening, his voice consumes me
What is this drink…coffee or tea?

Delusional dreaming, so real I can feel his touch
Visions obscure my mind, tossing and turning
Legs trembling, starting to be a bit much
Taking over my senses, the taste of caramel and a splash of spice

So sweet and smooth, delicious to taste
His sway, swagger, the scent of his cologne
Ecstasy, bliss, joy, pleasure, elation
Pure, so clean, untainted, the absolute truth

Think I'll have that drink now, not coffee or tea
My new drink of choice, not too heavy and not too light
Feeds my soul, calms my nerves, reminds my body of what it deserves
Ecstasy so pure is the definition
He's called PureExtasy, blended to perfection.

Written by Brooke Jeter


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