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Right Now

I can't
Now is not the time
For her to consume my thoughts
Can't miss that conference
The boss is calling
I have a plane waiting on me
Now is not the time
How can I
Daydreaming about her
Realizing what I miss
Never making time for that first kiss
Her scent, her caramel covered skin, soft hands
Now is not the time
Remembering the "shake" of her hips
The sound of her voice, laughter
I can't, gotta chase that paper
Bank account stacking
Dates and Blockbuster nights
Now is not time
Passion, sensuous nights, imagining her touch
So sweet and classy, so sexy and sassy
Need to call her
Missing her presence
But where is she?
I need her, want her, feeling a sense of urgency
I realize the time
The time is right now.

Written by Brooke Jeter


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