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I Used to Love H.E.R. too

I used to love her like the song brand new,
a breath of fresh air, vivrant and different.
Had me geeked like the first release of a Jordan shoe,
no matter what I had to do, damn right I was gettin' it.

We was hangin' tough, u could call h.e.r. my best friend,
a best friend with benefits, a love affair we shared.
And despite attention from many others abroad time and again,
noone could claim h.e.r. to be their broad, that's why I cared.

Choices and paths were soon to separate us for awhile,
but I had a hard time tryin' to forget that smile.
I searched hi + lo, but noone else possessed h.e.r. style;
she whispered original thoughts like a shy emcee.

Fast forward to present day, I visit h.e.r. but not to stay
more of a catch up on old times, pick up where we dropped thing.
But as time does, it changes things without delay.
Lost in the wind, I wasn't prepared for the swing.

She had created extensions of herself
and things just weren't the same
all this without saying "thru sickness & in health"
and not saying who's to blame.

So we cannot go on, but I did love h.e.r.,
I don't mean hip hop in it's essence and real;
I mean she, in her essence, that deal.
To that girl, she'll have a spot in my heart 4ever.

Written by jholla


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