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Aborted Growing Pains

the feelings of regret for a life not had
a future adult not raised, scolded, or praised
not given the chance for joyous feelings or to get mad
to learn by trial and error, improve his or her ways.

she had a choice yet felt she had no choice
he wasn't ready to help someone grow, to grow himself.
If she had it, straight up he's gone, leave her to rejoice
the start of a new life & beginning of sacrifice to it.

He said he wasn't Nike, fuck that he Just couldn't Do It
so she chose what cost the most, not what was the best.
She quit her job as future mother, to get re-hired as lover
and like reality TV, she didn't know she failed the test.

The feelings of regret for a life not had
the lonely nights while he's out with his "boys"
she can only look at what she has, to what she had
A child that's grown, when she wanted a child of her own.

Written by jholla


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