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Back and Forth Struggles of the Confused Mind

There are so many things to say
like how I deal with my struggles day to day
there aren't enough words for my mouth to play
to make you understand how I feel somedays

Some days my spirits fly high like TWA
then sink low like Lake Michigan's underbelly.
I feel important from all the people I know,
then feel insignificant from all the people I don't.

I want to do great things but usually don't
talks of saving money, but hit the stores to go broke
I say I'm deep like breaths, but inhale and choke
trying to grow, but still not big enough to ride life.

I play the part of pimp, and lay up with the finest hoes
but in the morning I reflect and want for a wife
I'm confused, feeling trapped in ways I dídn't know I chose
Trying to untangle my thoughts and make it through life.

Written by jholla


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