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Between me and you my nigga, we been set up to fail
I'm tryin to enlighten you, without the use of 3rd Rails
if you don't share my view nigga, I won't call it betrayal
but maybe you gotta bleed, before it sinks in like nails.

I'd hate to see this life and repeated problematic situations burn you like a stovetop
hate to say I told you so, then show you my scar from when i touched it too
we've got to keep fighting back, because our opposition won't stop
there's a tiny sliver to freedom and success, but if we go one at a time we'll get through

Just try to lead this youth movement into a path that's good for them, help em believe me
because poets and parents are the teachers out of school, so we gotta make the grade.
Teach them that Christ is the savior, not the Batman sign in the sky on TV
or this world is gonna lead our communities straight to the grave.

Tell ém about Willie Lynch so they feel the need 2 win,
pick up where our leaders left off, show the WhiteFolks House we ain't soft
We've come so far, but not enough, it's time we re-begin
and stop letting the streets raid the womb like they led by Lara Croft

People it's too much how I love all of you
though sometimes I don't show it
I don't wanna let go when I hug one of you
cuz I'm scared to let you go and watch you blow it.

Written by jholla


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