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Book of Thoughts Entry #144

I was another beautiful, young one, caught up, actin' sleazy,
My dignity was measly.
I was turned out by the glamour-of living that life,
My dreams and aspirations-of being that wife.
Married to the wallet, with the man attached,
Possible way out, so quick to react.
Add determination, and take away God,
I find my weak mind quivered from the backslide.
Blind leading blind,
Each hoping to find,
A gentleman to simply help them out and treat them kind.
Don't matter who's the boss,
Don't matter what the cost,
On any street you'll find another just like me lost.
There it goes again,
A beauty fallen,
Victim to thinkin'
That her troubles now end.
Replacing mental with material, spiritual with visible,
God won't be found if you can't look past the physical.
It pained them all to watch me fall,
My potential hit a wall,
My dignity was lost,
And my confidence was false.
I followed the light so the darkness could repel,
I fought off those demons so the angels could rebel.
The sparkle in my eye dimmed from serving the wrong master,
I lived for here and now-didn't matter what happened
after . . .

Written by Jordan Charles


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