Mr. Africa Poetry Lounge!

The Introduction

No I'm not Egyptian, No I'm not Trinidadian
I was born here in the States, but no mistake
I'm from the land of the Beautiful and Intelligent
The U.S. didn't raise me
What if I told you I seldom cook and less often do
housework but can FEED you more knowledge than
your Grandma ever baked-Food.
Don't think I'm rude
I usually keep quiet, the noticeable silent type
Won't try too hard,
Stand on guard,
I like my personal space.
But back to you-they say you're a baller,
But I see something TALLER,
You seem to have knowledge,
Brain with high mileage
Schooled outside of college?
Is it true or are you average,
Where all you speak about is lavish,
The fancy Benz, rims, sports, weed smokin', gun-totin'
Jay Z babbage?
Don't mistake-I'm a Sixers fan,
Illadelph knows AI's the man . . .
But the world revolves around more than 3-point shooters
and shot jumpers,
So many questions are to see if it's even worth us exchanging
So what's your impression? I know I came off quickwitted,
May not want to admit it,
Think I'll make you wait too long to hit it . . .
True? So we might as well quit it?
You like the way my clothes fitted
And you want to see if there's more?
Ready to explore?
Ready to get away from the dingy, air-headed, baby let
me be your ride or die bitch, play-me-and-lay-me
chick you usually search for?
Get your chin up off the floor
I'm not trying to play you
I'm not trying to persuade you
I'm trying to let you know it's okay to
Study scripture and get richer
Take in more than trees and liquor
Poppin' pills-give me a break.
What hurts to the point that distorting you're your brain
EVERYDAY feels so great?
You think my style is thorough?
Shiiit, then holla at your girl . . .
Call to get that rap you never heard,
'Cause Playa, I aint said nothing but a word.

Written by Jordan Charles


Mr. Africa Poetry Lounge