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Sit Here and Wait For You

When you left this morning, right after you kissed me on
the forehead, my thoughts began to wander of what
I'd do on this beautiful, rainy and stormy Saturday
until you returned. Sure I have errands to run and
calls to make and a grocery list three pages long, but
I think I'll just sit here and wait for you.
My eagerness for your return turned into exasperation
from your non-presence and my spirits fell down to
the first floor but I envision you here again with me
and I smile . . .
So, I'll continue to sit here and wait for you.
My pride won't let me sit on the couch like this with no
TV or radio on, not even a magazine in my hand
waiting for you so maybe I'll clean up or wash my
hair while these minutes eat at my sanity. I'd hate to
call this obsession but infatuation is not strong
enough . . .
Now I don't know what's aching me more, these minutes
or these thoughts,
While I sit here and wait for you.

Written by Jordan Charles


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