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I once heard that alien can blend with your kin
I was unprepared when some exposed themselves way back
when . . .
Loved ones, friends, is how I envisioned thee
But pain and downfall is all that you would wish for me
Couldn't stop the tear flow on the day I was confronted
To be your genuine friend is all I ever wanted
Be careful. It's demons walking in these streets
Your peace with GOD's your weapon that will help you
to defeat
These demons, liars, monsters, deceivers
Spirit killers, devils, imposters . . . cheaters
You find out one's close, you need to think of what
you're gonna do
These people have issues
And you don't know what the hell they're going through
Homies, cousins, sisters, brothers
Girlfriends, boyfriends, loved ones . . . lovers

Written by Jordan Charles


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