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Miss Cover girl,
who wants my man
this message is for you

Please listen closely and
heed each word for
what I say is true.

You look at me and
what do you see?
Let's guess it is my size.

And on my arm
my trophy black man
and now he is the prize

That you expect to somehow
win in a game you feel
I can not play.

With your mini skirt
and halter tops and
your skinny girl sway.

Unbeknownst to you
he doesn't see or
care just what you wear

Take out a mirror
stare at your head
What do you have in there?

Can you quote poetry
or speak in French
or cook a Sunday meal?

Explain a sports play
debate over issues
or 'casino' deal?
Give massages like the
Swiss, wash hair and
scalp a hella head.

Do you just forget
the small talk and use
your body instead?

Aren't you tired of
just being fine the
usual one night stand.

Maybe you should pick up
a book and not
Try to pick up my man.

Gain some self
respect girlfriend stop
hiding behind your mask

Become a Real Black Woman
of value and independence
earn what you want don't ask!

I'm sorry if I
disappointed you and you
expected a fight.

Now what made you
think he'd leave for wrong,
when at home he has MRS Right.

Written by Kai-Sonju Witherspoon


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