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u made me see u why?

u made me see u why?
why did u approach me over and over again
i never noticed your chocolate brownskin.
i started looking forward to seeing u smile.

u made me see u why?
u made me get to know u and luv u
was it because u were lonely or was it
because i was the only one there.

chocolate brown became the only thing i would see
that color meant everything to me.
up until that day that everything started to fade away
i loved the way chocolate would complete my day

u let it be known by your unique style
that i was not what u wanted, but i
was in denial.

we finally departed in away i will never understand
because i thought chocolate would always be my man

time and time again i think of u
and all we went through, but all i keep thinking is

u- made- me- see- u why?

Written by Kayla Veronica


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