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my letter to you AUNTIE R.I.P

A peaceful palace is where you are.
smiles, and laughter are the only thing you have to fear.

no worries or cares just being you is all you have to do up there,
which you havent done in years.

when you where here your heart hurt, so much that you couldnt bear the pain
you probably thought i didnt know or understand but i knew and i would of gave
everything for someone to heal you.

If i could have healed a broken heart i would have without any fair.

To hear you speak like your soul wasnt there hurt me so much that i avoided you.
how can one man be so powerful and take over your body and soul.

i knew you hurt, i hurt as i write this i barely can see through my tears.
they said you passed away from natural causes, but i know you died from
a broken lonely heart.

i know your much better now in that joyous land, there so much to say
but not enough words to express my feelings .
all i can say is your love lives in my heart forever and ever.

keep looking over me auntie and keep me safe.
until the end, until im a sleep forever. i'll never let your memory fade away.
so im saying rest in peace and let everybody up there know how much i love
them ...

Written by Kayla Veronica


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