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The Outcast

I am the outcast
the opinion that does not matter
and the face that is too ugly to adore
the personality that is pleasantly friendly
and the perception that is too controversial to acknowledge
the presence that is too irritable to surround
and the voice that is too hushed to hear
the body that is invisible to the naked eye
and the friend that does not exist
the human being that is not loved
and the nerd that is bullied
the bastard that is not cared for
and the darkness that has devoured all light of hope
the eye that has seen the saddest of all days
and the heart that has felt the anguish of all suffering
the failure of unnattainable aspirations
and the life that seems to dull to admire
And yet
although I seem to be all of this things
I am still the hidden treasure striving to be found.

Written by Keda Jeantine'


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