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Internal Battle

(Inspired by: Jill Scott, W.E.B. DuBois, Malcolm X,
Angela Davis, Marcus Garvey, Bob Marley,
And last but certainly not the least,
The BLACK Panthers.
Thank you,
you are my cherished heroes.
This one is dedicated
to you

Everyday there is a battle
fear vs. courage.
the words dwelling stirring fighting in
my spirit my heart my mind
i am held captive in my own bondage of fear and doubt.
Am i the only on who hears these negative voices deriding against me?
these demonic melancholy anguished tones overwhelm me
they grow bigger, larger until their immense pain escape my body in the form of tears.
And down these dreary waves
of salty streamy water fall down from my face.
i feel caged in these 4 walls enclosing me
closing closer than closed/
so close that isolatation comforts me.
My nerves violently shaking.
Sweat overmoisturizing my hands.
My knees get weaker and the voices get stronger,
Seems like everytime i want to go up
these piercing voices want to bring me down.
But somewhere in the somber of darkness,
there is a light of inspiration
In the midst of those agonizing voices
i attempt to fight with my
own voice.
"I am, I can, I will."
Then I believe,
breathe, whisper, speak, then scream these words from the
top of my lungs,
until my spirit outstretches.
Then my spirit begins to stretch,
it is stretching, it stretches, and it is stretched so far
that those depressing boxed in walls
no longer surround me.
Then my spirit becomes connected to the essence of
My heart becomes one with courage.
My mind has won the
battle today.

Written by Keda Jeantine'


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