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Thoughts of You

I'm thinking
of you right now...
How your deep bass baritone
voice sounds
over the phone.
The sounds of the
words you whispered to me
over the long
conversations we had
occupy the very
thoughts of my mind.
I'm thinking
about you this moment.
How your brown eyes smiled
as bright as the stars
at midnight
at me
when we had met first.
It was the first,
"Hello my name is-
and it is my pleasure to meet you"
that you had me.
Had me.
All of me.
The very desires of me.
The loving of me
rushed unhesitantly straight to you.
I'm thinking about
you as the seconds
rush by my vivid daydreams of you.
You live in the very home of my daydreams.
The daydreams I dream of:
Loving You.
Knowing You.
Delighting myself in You.
I'm thinking of you
this night.
closing my eyes to a deep sleep.
Sleeping next to me
I see
the sweetnes of your face
cuddling in the pillows of my soul.
The heavens are above
and the angels of love
declare that it is meant for us to be...
And on our bed we journey.
Travelling to a world of us
in a realm of exhilaration
wrapped in rhapsody
reaching higher
and higher...
Then we fall
Fall into the bright light of the risen sun.
It's morning.
I'm thinking about you
even when I'm removing the
very crusts from my eyes
from a deep sleep
a deep dream
about us.

Written by Keda Jeantine'


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