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UUUGGGHHH!!! (frustation)

I despise it when this happens.
I just had you in my hands.
How come I lose you when your needed most.
Like right this very moment,
because I have a 911 emergency.
I have a mandatory meeting
to make at 9:00 a.m.
but it's 8:43
and it's inevitable that I'll get the pink slip
if you don't show your sneaky self up quickly.
UUUGGGHHH! (I sigh then scream).
I'm looking and searching and you're nowhere to be found.
I'm about to get heated.
I swear 95 degree heat in an indignation
of aggravation and irritation.
"Oh my GG--DD!"( I yell)
I don't have any- none by any means- patience
when it comes to looking for
lost don't want to be found things.
Looked under my bed.
Asked my messy room mates if they saw you.
Looked through and through my unorganized handbag.
My bathroom.
My cabinets, tables, counters, dressers, and book shelves.
I even checked inside my car
(maybe I locked you in by mistake).
Searched in and out of my distorted congested closets.
Threw all my cute jeans and shirts
on the tile floor.
Pushed my deodorants, lotions and perfumes on my stained
hairy sink.
Flung all my dirty laundry on the piled up floor.
...And still you didn't show yourself up.

After cooling myself down from immense frustration
and an intense hot temper tantrum,
I sat myself down and
then I felt a rocky metal bump on my butt...
Got up reached down
my back pant pocket,
only to find that my
car keys
were there all along.

Written by Keda Jeantine'


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