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Why do I let you get to me?
I don't even like you,
but still can never bring myself
to say no to you.
You have a power over me
controlling me that
I just can't break from.

You say that you love me, but you don't.
Naw, now you wanna get mad.
Well shit if you really love me
then stay the fuck away from me.

Get out of my life.
What, you wanna be friends.
Hell naw we can't.
You don't wanna be friends.
You come to me, usin and abusin my body.
Then leavin before I wake up.
Fuck you, I don't need this,
I can't handle this.

Naw, don't pull me close to you
sayin that you love me.
This shit aint love.

Written by Kelly Cook


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