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Was It Real

Sitting in my room
Thinking of the way he looked
at me right before leavin.
Wanting for him to return
Closing my eyes out of frustration
Opening them to have him sitting besides me

Is this real, naw it couldn't be
But I can feel his heat come off
And the smell, I love the smell of him

Is this real?
Why isn't he looking at me?
Look at me please look at me!
With those eyes of his that look into my very soul
As I reach out to touch him, I blink
Not even a full blink jus a half of one
And he's gone.

No, take it back, I want him back
I didn't mean to, it was an itch
Bring him back and I will never close my eyes again
Sittin in my empty room, still feeling his warmth
Was it real?

Written by Kelly Cook


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