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My Beautiful Black Brothas

A Brotha with intimidation.
Deep brown smooth color.
Eyes that will penetrate you.
Sure of Himself. Cloths pressed, not hangin' off his ass,
Smellin' all good.

A Brotha not runnin' from his responsibilities.
Takin' care of his home, his Queen, his chilluns.
Bein' a man, doin' whatever to provide for them.

A Brotha not getting locked up and locked down.
Trapped by the white man's evils.

                 Their white women
                 Their drugs
                 Their alcohol
                 Their swine
                 Their violence

Love Yourselves
A Brotha that is self-learning.
Knows his history, and where he comes from.
Teaching other Brotha and Sista' s
the truths to who are still blinded.

A Brotha with self-improvement, self- understanding,
self-fulfillment, self-assuring, and self-providing.
A Brotha that had self-worth.

Written by Kelly Cook


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