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Have you ever had a horrid feeling,
That fills your heart with fear
That one day you will not wake up
To see a new day appear?

What prompts us to have this feeling?
Is it something we've done in our past
That didn't seem to bother you before
But has caught up with you at last?

I have a friend that has this feeling
And it's not a very good one, I should say
Living her life wondering if
She'll live to see another day.

It's not to say that something is wrong with her
But who's to say that there's not.
She hasn't been to see a doctor yet
However, she hasn't been feeling so hot.

But all this fear rests on her
She should have listened to what the Bible said
Yet she chose to go her own way
And listen to her peers instead.

Now she's the one who is harboring
The fear of what may be ahead
For one day she may get so ill,
Someone may find her dead.

But not all is at lost
Because she wised up in time;
To look forward to a time & place
To where she will have peace of mind.

Written by KRK


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