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It's him that stands about 6ft tall
Looking so fine up against that wall
His skin shining like mahogany brown
With a body in which I want to wrap my arms around

It's him that I want to hear
With whispers of sweet nothings in my ear
Which sends these chills up and down my spine
And makes me think I'm losing my mind

It's him that kisses me so tenderly
And makes me feel so weak at the knees
And touches me ever so gently
Oh my, oh my, could this really be?

A man that will never treat me bad
Or go out of his way to make me sad
Instead he treats me like a queen
Yes, he is the fulfiller of my dream

It's him, I say, that's the one for me
With no other man do I want to be
A man that I've known all of my life
Is there a chance for me…

Written by KRK


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