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The Breaking Point

As I sat down one day
To look at pictures of me
Oh my word!
What did I see?

I saw in me a person
In which I did not recognize
With a big fat stomach
And really huge thighs

Her face was plump
As has never been before
I was taken aback
What an eye sore

It was then at that moment
I know I had something to do
I said to that person
"No more junk food for you"

I then made a start
On my quest for a change
My body will be in shock
For this is a bit strange

But I knew to get healthy
I would have to fight and try
I know the struggle will be hard
And at times I may even cry

Yet with the support of my friends
And the help of a trainer
My goal for a thinner me
Will make me a winner

So I'm off on my journey
To see a new me
And I can't wait to meet her
And see who she'll turn out to be

Written by KRK


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