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The Ending of a Life Never Started

Conceived in his innocence
His life was almost here
No arms, no legs, no face yet
But you knew that he was there

You've got mixed feelings about
What you're going to do
'Cause nine months on down the line
Will be a baby that is new

Yet you're only fifteen
Just now yourself starting to live
And here you are pregnant;
To the earth a new life to give

How can you afford it?
You know you're still in school
And once this baby comes around
It's your life that he'll rule

And where has daddy gone to?
Did he leave you all alone?
Did he even come to visit
Or call you on the phone?

Nope, he didn't care to call
And now you know his kind
You know, the one that helps you get pregnant
And then say, "it's not mine"

Well, now the choice is up to you
Will you tell your mom and dad?
I'm afraid you won't my dear
And the choice you made is sad

You see, there are other girls your age,
And even some that are older,
Who are afraid to have this responsibility
Hanging over their shoulder

So what do these young ladies do
To rid themselves of shame and grief?
They go and see a doctor
Who'll give them some sense of relief
And now you go and do the same
And that, to me, was so down hearted
You fail to realize that what you've done
Was ended a life that was never started

Written by KRK


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