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African Princess

I saw her at the mall, it was a cool breezy morning
If you believe in love, I was definitely falling
African Princess, so dark and sumptious
African Princess, beauty in abundance.
She was an African sunset on a summers night,
A singing sparrow that plays in the fading light.
She smiled.

It was a smile like no other
A smile like the gentle, soothing waters of the Limpopo
It was a lioness laying in the shade of a Marula
It was a sunrise over the savannah. Oh!
Beauty, such beauty, undescribable
African princess, so lovable.
What's your name?

I want to know those African lips
I want to know those African hips
I want to know those African breasts
So beautiful, my African Princess.
I had to know her, so I approached
This Goddess so graceful, her name I just had to know.

I looked into her eyes, so brown, so deep
I was in awe, I could hardly speak
"What's your name?", I asked this idol
She smiled the waters of the Limpopo and said, "I'm Lerato"
I said, "Lerato lekatswana lewena kekaleshwela"
She said, "I don't speak those funny languages". Oh, so sad,
My African Princess, my South African Princess, my New South African Princess

Written by Lesego Nare Semenya


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