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Hip Hop

If I am Hip Hop
Then I must know how to play Hop Scotch.
Everything that I wear has to be top notch!

Police got the block lock. But all my niggaz brothaz know is how to so is watch & clock go to
the strips spots and watch the coochies pop!

Time just goes tic toc while my people remain in an unexplained
state of shock!

But all I am is Hip Hop.
How can I make the clock stop?
Pick my people's pieces up block by block….

Join the team and never stop.
Celebrate the greatness of Hip Hop!
Watch my niggaz/brothaz pick the pieces up block by block.
No-time will never stop!
As long as there's Hip Hop…
And the beats continue to drop!

Written by Love M. Gaillard


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