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Where You Mind Takes You/Can You Feel Me?

Can you feel me?

Can you feel me as I reach out to you?
Although not a physical touch...
Can you feel me as I stroke your every desire
Yes....I can play on your emotions
A mental tease
Make love to your mind
Lurking through your sea of thoughts......Can you feel me?

Did you feel it when I took your heart as if it were mine?
Did you feel it as my words captivated your mind, body, and soul?
Did you feel it when the "thought" of you took me to a place I've NEVER been......Did you feel it?

Can you feel me as my chocolate soul wallows around in your every desire?
Does it seem real?
Does it feel real?

Does it feel real as my hands explore this beauty of a man?
Does it feel real as you fantasize?
Visualize what you want as real....
Its wild to feel what you feel
When its in your mind its not real.....
or is it?????
Just let go
Take that ride to.............Where your mind takes you

Written by ladylyric


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