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Disproportionate thinking got his head hanging low
I've noticed…..
But he's a true soldier
I've noticed…..
Soldier fighting this seemingly never ending war
Maybe it's time for us sistahs to STOP fighting
Stop denying
Yes…. Denying our brothers their due praise
Maybe our attitudes are spiteful, malicious, just wicked
We need to appreciate our Kings
True some of us love
But too many of us complain
Point out wrong
Highlight his imperfections
Repetitive YAK 'bout what we don't like
Nah, I'm not trying to flow on this piece
Just a poetess' release
Sistahs our brothers need peace
So feel me…
We speak about peace
Speak about love
Share fairy tale dreams
Wake up and we bashing them
We turning our heads, Rolling our eyes
Upset because of the disrespect
Keep hearing…"No he didn't just call ME a ____!"
But wait sis….you just called him a worthless nigga
Won't give him the time of day
The childish games you play
Then complain
Mad because vanilla is his flavor of choice
Cuz in his mouth chocolate done turned sour
As we constantly devour
Confidence of our brothers
Society abuses a man
Misuses a man
His sanctuary is his home
Brother steps through the door
Planted in yet another war zone
Tired of the noise as we fuss, yell and scream
Brother figure his soul sistah is his city of refuge
Unaware of what we have
Tossing him aside, no better than refuse
Strong tower, corner stone, Arms of steel, heart of gold
Suited up for a battle that shouldn't be fought
He fights for love, for appreciation
Not a worthless nigga but, my brother, my lover
As I strive to push his head up high
Denigration of a soldier, this sister tries to mend
Can't rectify all
But on my actions, my brothers depend
Can't do it all on my own but today I'm gunna start
Start fighting for him
Cuz I refuse to be a passive observer
Mistreatment they receive
Heavy heart I will nurture
Pain in mind I will relieve
Sisters realize what we have
Realize what we can lose
Don't choose to abuse
Our brothers
Appreciate, Communicate, Congratulate, Lets Celebrate
Our brothers
Man I'm TIRED of seeing him pushed out
Nah they don't ALL just walk out
Generations of confused women
Minds full of doubt
Full of hate for our brothers
No man in their life
Raised alone by their mothers
Mark my words I'm gunna start today
A good man can only take so much
So I'm starting today with a sistah's healing touch
Our brothers beat down by the world
Made public spectacles of the system
Lack of respect a norm
Too often from my sistah's
I refuse to play a part
Making today a new beginning
My new start
My warm smile awaits him
Embrace him
Caress him
Accept him
Warm hugs to comfort him
Back rubs to soothe him
No sistah's lets not call them our niggas
Lets not bash them, trash them
Lets be their favorite flavor
Be their number one choice
Mild attitudes, soothing voice
Time to LOVE our brothers, our Kings

Written by ladylyric


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