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Just Speakin

Hear me
Hear this sistah speak
Of all the things my midnight eyes see
In the shadows when no one else is looking
I come


Behind thee
Peering through the blinds blocking me
Into your inner spirit beneath
All the hype and bull$%*# piled deep
On the surface lies much conspiracy
When we try to erase our pain with worldly
Trees herbs and liquor treats
Stroking and moaning away our problems
With X tascy
It seems so easy to live and bury our sins
With new ones and have fun


From what will inevitably come
Can someone stop and take a minute
Ride on a new high
Feel free in their own skin and say goodbye
To all the foolishness that life provides
Cuz the ride although quick and smooth
Will fool you into thinking it's cool
To fall so low that hell's fire you pass through
On your way to another limbo
Where lost souls go
Left with a dime bag an empty bottle
And no hope
I'm so saddened by all I see
People wasting away around me
I pray and ask for God's mercy
Yet they don't hear me
Cuz I'm just a sistah

Just speakin

Written by Poeticlyricist


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