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I Am

I am your milk chocolate fantasy
With nappy roots that won't be straightened
I am alluring deep brown eyes
Followed by succulent lips
That talk that ghetto slang

I am yo sister although not related
I am a descendent of a slave
Nigerian blood running through my veins
I am made with massive hands and giant feet
An elongated neck and swollen hips
Forming this round thing upon which I sit

I am colored to those in which ignorance lives
African American to the politically correct
Black to my liberated generation
A "nig ger" to the prejudiced
But to my fellow brothers and sisters
I am and will always be a "nig ga" at heart

I am free at last fulfilling the dream
Made by a black King
I am intelligent and beautiful although
Having two strikes of woman and color against me
And despite being raised in a closed minded society
Inside I have remained a Nubian queen

I am the soul, hip~hop, and r & b
Music reflecting my style, flavor, and history
I got my blues from the guitar strings of B.B King
Discovered 'A Woman's Worth' from Alicia's Keys
Learned the true meaning of 'R-e-s-p-e-c-t' from Aretha Franklin
And remembered to 'Keep My Head Up' from Tupac; the ghetto legend

I am the past freedom marches and race riots
I am the present's struggles for equality
I am the face of the future generation
I am my mother's child as well as a child of God
I am a lady
I am a woman
I am me

I am……..

Written by Poeticlyricist


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