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Final Moments

The moon was bright as we traversed.
Then gun shots rang and we dispersed.
I turned around, and in the dirt
Was my true love, and badly hurt.

I quickly scrambled to her side.
She made no sound; Tears filled my eyes.
I embraced her limp body and asked God
"Why?" If she could live, I'd gladly die.

I felt her pulse becoming weak.
My tears came hard; I couldn't speak.
To my surprise, she feebly reached
And wiped the teardrops from my cheek.

I grabbed her hand and held it tight
And told her that she'd be all right.
Though in my heart, I knew tonight
Would mark the ending of her life.

I told her true love's hard to find
And let her know that she was mine.
She smiled and kissed me one last time
Then died and left this world behind.

Written by Maurice Dow


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