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Winter or wasn't it
You curled up next to me
In that warm room
Nervous and silent I was thinking
Should I or shouldn't i
But you captured my heart with those
Beautiful eyes of yours and as I gazed into them
Our lips gently told secrets of our hearts

Then came spring, the beautiful sunrise moments
We shared and sunsets
The park, the restaurants etc, oh
They were all so full of us
How I enjoyed "playing" there with you
Every time we shared a moment the more
I realized how much I have fallen for you
Your gentle touch, caress and smile
Betrayed me back into your arms
I thanked God for each day I had with you

Summer, why did it all have to stop?
Couldn't it be stopped?
Why did it have to be the end of us?
Why did we have to stop "playing?"
Oh, how I do remember, the thought of it all
Betrays me back to those days.

Written by Tebogo Makofane


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