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No longer in my reach, you have moved on.
I never thought that it would hurt this much.
I never thought that you'd be loving anyone else.
Even though things have been over between us for a while I still felt as if you
were mine and only mine, pretty selfish I guess.
But for as long as I could remember it was me and you.
Together fighting everything that came at us.
I just want it to be like that again.
I want to be the one you say I love you to
I want to be the one that you spend all your time with
I want to be the one that you say your goodnights to
But that person is no longer me.
I am just part of your past.
I am just that girl that you used to go with.
I'm missing you and I just don't know what I'm going to do now that I can't be with you.
My everything you are, my heart and soul is all yours.
And honestly I'm willing to wait
Wait here until you are ready to love me again
Wait here until the hurting stops
Wait here until the tears dry up
I will wait here until you are holding me in your arms once more
I love you and forever I will
The thought of you loving someone else just kills me inside.
But if you are happy then things have to be how they are now.
With me and you no longer together.
With you no longer loving me.

Written by Mania M.


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