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Untitled (while at horror café)

I was sitting right there
Like every Tuesday night
Listening to poets recite
These inspiring thoughts
That keep bringing us here
Like sheep to the sound of a shepherd's voice
Ants congregating around spilt sugar
Listening to images that haunt their sleep
And say they are deep

I was right there
When these wolves in sheep's clothes
Ripped the essence out of her
And displayed it on the walls
Of a Joubert park flat stairway
While they in suits and ties
Repeatedly thrust their manhood inside her
I was sitting right there
Applauding and cheering you on
As you spit these lines about windows
This other brother inspired by his cell phone
Hurry up
You breaking up
Hurry up
You breaking up
These images haunt my sleep

He grabbed her by the throat
While the other one took off his coat
Cleared his throat
She searched for compassion
Within their eyes
And found nothing but ice
They were not human
These beasts
These sick bastards
Contracted by everything evil
They could've been demons
For all I care
Life is not fair
This angelic being
I almost called a wife
Now tainted with Lucifer's seed
Her womanhood violated
By her brothers from another mother
While I was listening
To a poem about a failed father
And this sister with an enchanting voice
That sang about choice
While she captured the stage
And made it hers
They came inside her
Left their marks so deep
These images haunt my sleep

I was sitting right there
Hypnotised by the words that you speak
Inspired to come out of the bedroom
And step on stage and scream
Poetry is my life
While I was sitting right there
These animals raped my wife

Now we lie awake at night
And dress our wounds in tears
Hoping all will be all right
Even my touch arouses her fears

Shall I continue to write?
Or throw away my pen in fright
Rage and fight
No matter what I might
These images will still haunt my sleep

Written by Lesley Masenya


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