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I wrote this piece
To give you a piece of mine
To give you a piece of my mind
A piece of my soul
A piece of the many pieces
Of my shattered heart
With this one piece

I wrote this piece
On my quest for peace
With a piece in one hand
White doves in mind
A piece of paper on my lap
Skeletons in the closet
As I contemplate my exit
With this one piece

Will I leave this world in one piece?
Or with one last piece
That chronicles a piece
Of my existence
My conscience
Just won't rest in peace
Until I write just one last piece

I wrote this piece
In search of that super piece
A piece that supersedes all pieces
And helps me cheat death
As I ride the wave of eternity
On the burning page
Of that one piece
As I follow the steps
Of a past sage
With this one piece

I will write this piece
Until I find my inner peace
And write that piece
'Cause it is my life
Or live on a page
And die on stage
With a mic in my hand
While I search
For that one piece

Written by Lesley Masenya


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