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Questionable Feelings

There's something stirring within me
Like the aquatic waves during a winter's storm
Something so irresistible and addicting
in between a dream and reality I am torn

You say you care and you have mad respect
That the vibe between us is like no other
Then please tell me why your actions prove different
and tell me when "Lies" and "Deceit" became
characteristics of a lover

My feelings for you are genuine and true
just as the sun rises and sets in the day and evening
and the land and sky meet
All I am is honest with you
With your feelings do not be discreet

Patience is a virtue
and I must say I display it well
When will we be on the same page of love
I guess time will have to tell

All I ask is for your honesty
Look me in the eye and express the truth
Do you get butterflies in your stomach
and for a quick moment regress back to your youth

My emotions feel like they have gone to waste
and have been disregarded
I am deserving of more than that
I am unique and very much warm hearted

Do you not see my potential qualities
Or is it you block them out intentionally
I wish you would accept me with open arms
and see that the most realist you will get is right here with me

What do I have to do to get you to understand me
What do I have to do to get you to see the real me
Maybe if you open your mind and heart wider
those vibes you constantly speak on
will help lead you to me.

Time is of the essence each minute a severe action of your reaction
Being consistent with true feelings
wishing you would embrace the moment of truth
and hear the expression I am bearing

Do you get my drift now
Can you taste the hunger of my reality
Can you feel my emotional presence so strong
Then let your words be followed by actions of truth
Then let your time be shared with a warm soul
Then let yourself be honest within your own heart
and let what is destined to happen, happen with no holds bard.

Written by Miranda Adams


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