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80 in a 25 Zone

The speedometer in my heart reads 80
and the warning light is flashing
Yet and still I do not want this feeling
to slow down or depreciate

Is it normal to have this feeling
in such a short amount of time
Cause it seems as if I have been in this speeding trance
for quite some time

I see your face and my emotions accelerate
Now my pulse is doing 90
and well over my allotted speed
The brakes are non existent and the emergency break of
any situation can and will not dampen
the emotions and feelings
That are stirring inside

You study me intensely as
I study you...
Noticing each intricate button
Knowing in detail each function
You know exactly what to do
or say to motivate me to perform
to the best of my ability

You have taken control of the wheel
and influence me in the right direction to go
Is it your way
Is it the direction to your heart and innermost thoughts
Is do set the cruise control to 80
sit back and relax
and see where time will take us

A journey of speed, intuition, relaxation
and the ongoing acceleration of feelings and emotions

I am comfortable going 80 in a 25 Zone
How is your comfort level
Inquiring minds want to know

Written by Miranda Adams


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