Mr. Africa Poetry Lounge!

You enter my PLANET

You enter my planet with such confidence and Stamina
Helping yourself to the many moons that reside within my soul
Carefully Studying each dimensional aspect
and taking notes along the way

Your warm persona fills my craters
with live flowing vibes
So strong and vivid that they illuminate
Color... a natural cause and effect
That can not be denied or ignored

You handle yourself with such poise and thoroughness
making sure not to move anything out of place
Being respectful to this new place you have found comfort in
My Gravity... in the form of my personality
Draws you to want to know and learn more and explore me further
and take it all in

My planet feels like that of soft sifted powder
delicate to the touch
and pleasant to your other senses
Your comfort level is now heightened
and you become wrapped in my natural beauty
opening yourself to me
being overwhelmed by my black star power
and illuminating moons in the darkniss

This was my planet
But.. you have made it very much your own
Indulge in the moments shared
and treasure
My every thought and action

Enjoy your stay on my planet
and please feel free to return
if your memory and heart
Can lead the way........

Written by Miranda Adams


Mr. Africa Poetry Lounge