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I stay awake and wait
For the phone to ring
I try to put you out of my mind
And think it ain't nothing but a thing

As I sit and wait patiently
Thoughts go through my mind
Did I do something wrong
Or are his feelings just in a bind

We both know your situation
And we deal with one another with mad respect
So on this night as I wait
I have time to just reflect

I can not control my feelings
I thought I could be emotionally strong
But by the way I am pacing and my mind is racing
My heart is crying out that I was wrong

I can't push my feelings on you
Cause I know it would not be right
But if I had you all to myself
I must say that would be mad tight

I have only been in your company for one weekend
And during that time I was in total bliss
You shared one of your first date rules
I would have to wait till the second date before I got a kiss

An intelligent man is just one of your qualities
Being respectful, and entertaining is amongst the others
Damn I wish there wasn't as much distance
And time would prove that we were meant to be lovers

I am till waiting and still no call
As I continue to pace from one room to the next
My mind won't allow me to think of anything else
But the love you proclaim for your EX

Is it emotionally possible for someone NOT to feel this way
When the person they are thinking about is like no other
Am I being selfish by sharing my feelings
Knowing damn well you are possibly with your baby's mother

I want these feelings to be patient
And let time be the guide
Looks like a roller coaster is ahead
So let's buckle up and prepare for the ride

I am still waiting and I have already called
I left a voice mail to express my worries and concern
I hope all is well with you
And about my feeling you will soon learn

Don't fight the reciprocating feelings
Tell me if you feel in any way the same
Or if I am moving and thinking to fast
And my raging emotions is something you feel I need to tame

All I can picture is your face
And your bright smile
And hope one day
I am able to indulge in it again and it last a long while

So now I am done waiting
And I will allow my mind & heart to rest
To let my thoughts unravel and be free
And see what becomes of this emotional test

You are truly unique
Or a diamond in the rough as they say
I hope you feel my vibes
And return them to me in the same way

Goodnight my handsome associate
I hope you have a wonderful night
My feelings are out in the open now
And you knowing them brings me much delight

Please do not be a stranger
Keep in touch as much as you can
And know that someone out there
Thinks you are the perfect potential MAN.

Written by Miranda Adams


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