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Take me away

I wanna go somewhere.
Somewhere far away.
Far away from all this bullshit.
Bullshit that's turning into stress.
Stress that's making me feel so crazy.
My life is falling apart and I don't know what to do.
I got the man of my dreams.
But he's not what I dreamed he would be.
Every night I sit and try not to cry.
But I can't help but wonder why.
Why he treats me the way he does.
He says he loves me but hurts me so.
Sometimes I just wanna let go.
Let go of all the hurt and pain and anger he brought to me.
I seek help but the ones I seek to don't give back.
I feel like understanding skills are what they lack.
My friends seem so distant.
Its like they're there but they are so far away.
And when I speak they hear nothing I say.
Lonely is the only way to describe what I'm feeling.
I wish someone would just come.
And take me away.

Written by MissPriss


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