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Complete Me

Here we go again
Our love is about to begin
We've been down this road before
This time I will not close the door
I'm gonna love you with all my might
And I promise to hold you tight
I'll never let you go
But there's one thing you must know
Sometimes I feel as if you don't try
It hurts so bad I wanna die
I'm tired of sittin around waiting for you to
get it together
You told me I was yours forever
I find that hard to believe
Since my heart you always deceive
For your love it feels as if I have to fight
But I'm trying hard as hell to make this right
I cant find the words to express how I feel
I'm starting to doubt if this love is even real
I promise to love you forever and always
No matter what anyone says
You complete me

Written by MissPriss


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