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Why do you constantly play with my head?
Did you really expect me to believe everything you said?
You want me to sit around and wait for you
Well you know want?
I got better things to do.
I loved you and I always will,
But right about now I gotta tell you how I feel.
The stress and heartache I go through everyday,
How could you blame me for not wanting to stay?
You tell me you're gonna leave your girl soon.
When will that be?
When the 1st Martian lands on the moon?
I gotta move on, I can't stay,
All you bring me is stress from day to day.
Before I go on I just want to let you know
That I love you so much, you'll never know.
It breaks my heart to leave you I swear.
But the truth I just cannot bear.
You don't love me and you never will.
But I will go on, yet and still.
This is for all those times you made me cry,
And sometimes feel like I wanted to die.
I'm sorry I have to let you go.
Just remember that I love so much,
And that I'll never forget your touch.
I'll miss you.
I'll miss you always.
All I ask is that you remember me on a few special days.
So this is goodbye
Goodbye forever
I know that we'll never get back together.

Written by MissPriss


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