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You kiss me, touch me, and rub me with great anticipation
you grip my thigh, and grope my breast in high sexual frustration.
You ask me if I wanna go farther and like Floetry I say yes,
I'm smiling cause you have an obsession and it's with my breast.
I slowly undress you, and you do me,
my mind is running wild who ever thought this would be.
Suddenly...I feel pleasured pressure of penetration,
stroking the kitty slowly and in great concentration.
We intertwine with each other like locks of hair in a braid,
We are sweaty and out of breath as a sign of good love being made.
I wrap my caramel thighs around your honey brown waist,
You kiss and lick my breast and love making sweat you taste.
With every breath you thrust your large love inside,
I can tell your getting tired so I volunteer to ride.
I go up & down, and up & down, and up .... and down,
and I see your mouth is open but there is no sound.
You grip my hip and your eyes get wide,
Mines do to as you get large inside.
We go faster, and faster, and faster until we both reach the max,
and my body shakes as we both climax.
We sigh in satisfaction of the past thats been...
And look forward to the future cause it'll happen again

Written by Chanel (aka) Miss Monet


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