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I've got the Jones for you

Pardon me, but I must say I got the Jones,
and I'ma tell you this one last time before I leave this shit alone.
This is straight from the heart, not a drop a liquor in my system,
And before you draw an early conclusion, you really oughta listen.
If I can get one night with you, man I'd reveal it all,
you can start the night off with a massage after you've played ball.
From there we can talk and I can know your deepest thoughts, and ears,
and I never think you were less of man because you shed tears...
Or ice...
Go ahead boo it's alright,
Fuck them other girls they probably weren't ya type.
Lets further this conversation while I give you a sponge bath,
You don't have to worry about a thing, just relax.
After which we can get in the bed and hold each other tight,
Sharing sporadic kisses throughout the night.
Is that alright?
Or, we can sit in the living room and listen to floetry,
Discuss our favorite poets or poetry...
So you like to cook? Well if you cook breakfast for me, I'll cook dinner for you
As for lunch...we can have each other if you so choose.
Can you hear me now, when I say I got the Jones?
and I long for you the most when I'm all alone.
Fuck the phone, I wanna see facial reactions,
simply cause your smile is an automatic attraction.
You keep talkinabout ya zodiac sign, well let me see how ya stinger works,
Cause I'ma Taurus the sign of bull and i know how to buck and twurk.
Lets not talk about it , lets be about it...Oops I forgot you don't have a clue,
you don't have any idea how much I'm diggin you.
Now I've got many dudes...but it's you I long for,
and I can imagine being addicted and craving and feining for more.
Simply put....
I'll be ya girl, ya enemy, lover, fighter and best friend,
ya doctor, ya lawyer, ya bank account if you need ends...
Ya chef, ya house keeper, nigga ya personal freak,
Fuckin and suckin so good you won't be able to think.
You may say to ya friends that I get on ya nerve but you can't get rid of me, my scent is in your bones...
I've loved you so good it's impossible to leave me alone.
I've officially flipped the script and now your the one with the Jones!

Written by Chanel (aka) Miss Monet


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