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When The Newness is Gone

You asked what happens when the newness is gone?
and I never though to answer assuming our days would be long.
But I see you chose to make it temporary...
We made through Christmas and New Years but can't finish January
Maybe you got scared, things may have been moving to fast
and you should've so I wouldn't have thought that it was going to last
But don't worry this too shall pass...
Can some one tell me why men do that shit?
stop calling you and won't except calls in hopes that you'll forget
and have a sudden case of amnesia about the last dude you fucked or fucked wit
When they simply should've said that they only want to hit,
or they aren't looking for love but someone to chill wit
Man up and be real with your shit...
Say what you mean and mean what you say,
but what ever you do, don't just push me away.
Cause all you gotta do is say the word and I'll about face and march out of your life,
I ain't tryin to be ya wife
but to keep me in suspense simply ain't right.
So what did you do when the newness left?
It started with a call every day but dwindled to whenever you felt.
We would talk for ten minutes and then had to do something else?!
or get off the phone cause you had long distance on the other line,
and promised to call me back but that soon was a lie
You used to call me everymorning at six in the morning while on your way to work.
and I would wake out of a dead sleep just to answer your call and try to sound alert.
To hear your voice would make my day ten times better,
and I used to could count on you no matter what the weather.
But I guess all good things must come to an end
ad I will say good bye and hope to never see you again
And if we do cross paths or bump into each other
don't say hello or ask about my daughter, father, or mother.
Break clean away from all of us...
Because with your dishonesty you've betrayed all of our trust

What did I do when the newness for me left?
I laid in my bed pulled the covers to my neck and wept....

Written by Chanel (aka) Miss Monet


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