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(this piece was written to someone who tried to dog my writing on the side. It's cool, it's all love...)

It seems to me you have lost sight of the word poetry,
This insight was given to me last night in my dreams.
They say words don't hurt, but what you said is still killing me,
You said such harsh words all because you weren't feeling me
Your mouth was the gun that possessed the verbal bullet that almost killed my poetic soul
It is now in critical condition...
I was ready to let go of my love cause you said I wasn't good enough putting me in an awkward position.
I can see it in ya eyes that you shut down when I grab the mic,
As if I don't have shit significant to say my words you demise.
If being a poet means to get up here and talk of shit I know little to nothing about then your right, I'm not one.
I don't just write stuff similar to one of my favorite famous poets becuase I don't have none
I love them all...but I'd rather write on things that I know,
then to write on something vague to me just to put on a show.
Because I'd rather be ignorant and write of my truth then to talk of someone elses and be fake,
After all my morals, values, and character would be at stake.
So don't judge me because I'd listen to tupac before Coltrane,
It's not that I don't like him but it's with Tupac that I can relate.
And I'm not afraid of trying something new
So how about you show me that you r not just cruel and there is a whole lot more to you
If you don't like what I write then fuck you, cause I'm writing for me,
and I'm bettering myself, you wouldn't even recognized the amateur that first stepped up on the scene
Honestly, it hurts cause I remembered when you first started
You then from you now has greatly departed
It's true different people say it all the time
They say how much you've changed since you stepped in to the lime
I used to defend you until I experienced myself
It was then I realized you've taken your humbleness and stuck it on a shelf.
It's cool though because there is this thing called Karma,
and soon your mask will be snatched off causing you nothing but drama
So if you never said "word" or snapped you fingers again I wouldn't give a damn,
It won't ever effect how I write or who the fuck I am
Never will I be fake, thats just not how I do
Cause if I forget myself then I'm no better then you!

Written by Chanel (aka) Miss Monet


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